This section showcases our Celtic Warrior Celtic cross necklace collection. Inspired by Ireland’s ancient warrior leaders, these crosses are beautifully etched with detailed Celtic symbolism. All of our Warrior Crosses are handmade in Ireland and hallmarked at the assay office in Dublin Castle.

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Our Warrior collection come in sterling silver, 10k and 14k gold and white gold. This selection men is a perfect gift for the warrior in your life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Celtic warrior cross necklace is a piece of jewelry featuring a cross with intricate knotwork designs inspired by ancient Celtic culture. It is often made from silver or gold and can be embellished with gemstones.

The Celtic warrior cross necklace symbolizes strength, courage, and the warrior spirit. The intricate knotwork designs on the cross represent the interconnectedness of all things and the eternal nature of life. The cross itself represents the Christian faith and the union of the spiritual and physical worlds.

Anyone can wear a Celtic warrior cross necklace. Still, it is often worn by individuals who are connected to Celtic culture or who appreciate the symbolism and design of the necklace. It is also popular among individuals connected to the Christian faith.

The Celtic warrior cross necklace is a unique and meaningful gift choice because of its rich cultural history and symbolism. It symbolizes strength and courage, making it a great gift for someone going through a difficult time. The intricate knotwork designs on the cross make it a beautiful and thoughtful gift choice.

Celtic warrior cross necklaces can be worn in various ways, depending on personal style and preference. They can be worn as a statement piece with a simple outfit or layered with other necklaces for a more bohemian look. They can also be worn in both casual and formal attire. When wearing a Celtic warrior cross necklace, it's important to choose a chain length that complements the neckline of the clothing being worn.

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