Welcome to our new range of Viking jewelry! At Celticcrossonline.com, our store is located in the heart of Viking Dublin. Every day when we come to our workshop, we witness our viking history from the monuments on the streets of Dublin. Dublin was founded by the Vikings! So it is fitting that we present you with a new range of Irish made Viking jewelry!

Frequently Asked Questions

Vikings were a group of people from Scandinavia who invaded and settled in various parts of Europe, including Ireland. Viking raids on Ireland began in the late 8th century. If you visit in Dublin, you will see lots of places that are influenced by our viking history.

Viking jewelry consists of decorative silver or bronze brooches, Celtic cross necklaces and rings. These designs are distinct from other types of jewelry. Our Viking jewelry designs are inspired by our Viking past in Ireland.

Vikings used to wear necklaces as a symbol of their warrior status. If the warriors accepted any battle, they were required to live and die as a warrior. The most widespread religious symbol in the Viking Age was Mjöllnir, the hammer of Thor.

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