Ogham Jewelry

Ireland’s earliest known form of writing is known as Ogham script. To this day it can be found carved on standing stones across Ireland. It is made up of a series of horizontal and vertical strokes. It was read from the bottom upwards.

After a few hundred years, Ogham was replaced with Ireland’s then spoken language, Gaelic. However, Ogham is hugely popular in influencing designs for Celtic jewelry.

Browse our bespoke collection of Ogham jewelry which includes Ogham necklaces, Ogham Celtic crosses, Ogham rings and more. Some can be personalized with the name of someone special.

All our Ogham jewelry is of the highest standard of Irish hallmarked jewelry. It is crafted by expert makers in both precious gold and sterling silver.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ogham Jewelry

Is Ogham still used?

Ogham is now used as part of design inspiration of Irish makers of craft and design.

How do you read Ogham?

Ogham is read from the bottom upwards. Each group of strokes is like a letter of our modern alphabet. Their are 20 group types of strokes in Ogham. These strokes are always written as horizontal or diagonal strokes on a vertical axis.

Was Ogham a spoken language?

The Ogham language was a written language and not a spoken language. In fact, it was seen as the first written language of Ireland.