Ogham Jewelry

Ireland’s earliest known form of writing is known as Ogham script. To this day it can be found carved on standing stones across Ireland. It is made up of a series of horizontal and vertical strokes. It was read from the bottom upwards.

After a few hundred years, Ogham was replaced with Ireland’s then spoken language, Gaelic. However, Ogham is hugely popular in influencing designs for Celtic jewelry.

Browse our bespoke collection of Ogham jewelry which includes Ogham necklaces, Ogham Celtic crosses, Ogham rings and more. Some can be personalized with the name of someone special.

All our Ogham jewelry is of the highest standard of Irish hallmarked jewelry. It is crafted by expert makers in both precious gold and sterling silver.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Celtic Cross Online, we celebrate the ancient Celtic script known as Ogham. Ogham is read from bottom to top and consists of a series of horizontal or diagonal lines, known as "staves," inscribed on a vertical line or central stem. Each line or combination of lines represents a specific letter in the Ogham alphabet. The Ogham alphabet is traditionally read from the bottom to the top of the stemline, and the notches or lines on either side of the stem convey the chosen letters. Our Ogham Jewelry beautifully incorporates these ancient symbols, creating unique and meaningful pieces that reflect the rich cultural heritage of Ireland.

Ireland is adorned with a remarkable collection of over 400 Ogham Stones, scattered across the country. These stones date back to the 4th to 7th centuries and bear inscriptions in the Ogham script. Each stone has its own unique story, with inscriptions often commemorating individuals or events. Our Ogham Jewelry draws inspiration from these ancient stones, providing a modern and stylish way to connect with Ireland's rich history and heritage.

Ogham Jewelry serves as a distinctive and meaningful gift for various occasions. The Ogham script itself is steeped in history, representing a connection to Ireland's ancient past. When crafted into jewelry, these symbols take on a personal touch, allowing individuals to wear a piece of Ireland with pride. Ogham Jewelry can be customized with names, dates, or meaningful words, making it a thoughtful and unique gift for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or any special moment in life. The timeless beauty of Ogham Jewelry transcends trends, ensuring that the gift will be cherished for years to come, just like the enduring legacy of Ireland's Ogham Stones.

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