We present our Connemara marble jewelry collection. This collection is made from the finest pieces of marble mined in the west of Ireland in a place called Connemara in county Galway. Known as Ireland’s gemstone, this marble adds a special shade of green to our Connemara marble necklaces and Connemara marble Claddagh rings.

Our much loved Connemara marble rosary beads blend Irish faith with Irish heritage and make for a wonderful gift of faith. Our Connemara marble brooch is also a popular item inspired by Ireland’s historic hill of Tara.

Our Connemara marble Celtic cross necklace collection is composed of sterling silver and marble which you can view here. Celticcrossonline.com is your destination for all things Connemara marble!


Frequently Asked Questions

The green color of the marble is caused by the presence of minerals in the marble. Although the marble is green, each piece is unique because of its different shades and white veins that run through it.

Connemara marble is mined in the Lissoughter quarry, west of Galway city. Lissoughter is located in the picturesque Connemara region.

It is said that Connemara marble symbolizes the spiritual connection between the land and the people. it is said to provide access to the spiritual history of earth and creates a sense of peace, tranquility, restoration, and healing.

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