The Belcoo Brooch

Belcoo Brooch Celtic Jewelry

This Celtic brooch was discovered in a limestone quarry in the townland of Carrontreemall, County Fermanagh, not far from the town of Belcoo, after which the brooch is named. This Celtic jewelry piece is a fantastic example of a zoomorphic penannular brooch. Zoomorphic because of the animal head decoration featured on the terminal plates of […]

The Celtic Summer Solstice

Hill of Tara Ireland

Summer Solstice Traditions in Celtic Ireland In the times before Saint Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland, pagan beliefs and traditions held sway. Celtic pagan festivals were celebrated throughout the year according to the cycles of The Sun. The spring and fall equinoxes and of course the shortest and longest days of the year held particular […]

17 Things You Didn’t Know About Irish Names

All About Irish Names

Irish names are famous the world over and many of them have a wonderfully rich history. We take a look at Irish names through the ages. Here are some interesting facts… Ireland was one of the first countries to use surnames 916 AD was the first recorded use of surnames in Ireland The ‘O’ often […]

Celtic Crosses at Kells

Kells Celtic Cross and Tower

The monastery at Kells, was founded in 807 by Columbian monks fleeing Viking attacks on their Island home at Iona. When you stand atop the hill upon which the famous monastery is situated, it is easy to why the monks chose the site. On a clear day, you can see across the fertile plains of […]

Saint Brigid, Ireland’s Other Patron Saint

Saint Brigid, Patron Saint of Ireland

Who Was Saint Brigid Along with Saint Patrick and Saint Columba, Saint Brigid is one of Ireland’s patron saints. Her feast day falls on the 1st of February. She is revered as a early leader of the early Christian Church in Ireland and is said to have performed many healing miracles. Was Saint Brigid a […]

Mysterious Celtic Cross Discovered in Irish Forest

celtic cross in a forest.

In the fall of 2016, passengers flying into Derry Airport noticed something very unusual as they flew over a forest in County Donegal. They discovered a huge Celtic Cross had been planted in the middle of a forest. The Celtic cross was only discovered because an unusually dry period of weather caused the trees to […]

Celtic Durrow High Cross

If you are looking for a historic day break, Durrow Abbey provides a wonderful ancient Celtic experience featuring the ancient Durrow Celtic Cross as well as other Celtic Cross Slabs exhibited within a conserved church. Durrow is one of Ireland’s most important early Christian monasteries and is considered to be of international importance. Situated from […]

The Pagan Roots of the Celtic Cross

The ancient Celts were first mentioned by early Roman historians in the fifth century BC. They were warlike tribes who lived in the foothills of the Alps in southern France. They gradually expanded their territory and eventually migrated to Britain and Ireland. When we think of Irish Celtic Art, we tend to associate it with […]